Custom Neon Signs Lights


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What's included?

  • Dimmer

  • Mounting kit 

  • Power supply

If you're looking for something even more custom "logo, or even your own art" Click below to start the process today!


Bring some brightness to your home or work space with our beautiful acrylic neon signs.

Let's get started designing your own custom neon sign! 

Select every detail by choosing your size, font, color, backing color, backing shape. Your sign will be created exactly as you type in your phrase and view in your cart. 

 All sizes in displayed image are approximate. Actual size is determined by font height and sign length is scaled according to your font choice and the number of letters.All signs are handcrafted and are mounted on a clear acrylic backing. Each sign comes with a UL certified power adapter and remote control with dimming options and flash modes.Your sign will ship to your door within 3 weeks from your order date. A tracking number will be sent to you via email when your order ships.

Available between 10" (25 cm) and 120" (300 cm) in size. Available in 11 stunning color options: White, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Tomato, Red, Hot Pink, Light Sky Blue, Blue Violet, Royal Blue, Light Green.

Made from long lasting, durable and eco friendly LED neon strip with multiple acrylic back board options (available in multiple color options) - the sign comes standard with a 15 ft (5 meters) clear power cord and white or black power bank with plug fit for each shipping country. 

Please note that each Neon sign comes standard with a remote control which can be used to dim the light (or make it brighter), switch it on and off from distance and program the light to flash/glow in multiple patterns. great for controlling your sign and making it fit it for each and every situation (party, chill or day time...)

 Light designed to last at least 10 years.

Each sign also has the option for backing to be trimmed in one of 2 ways - cut to shape or whole board: 

Why LED Neon lights?

1. Easy installation. 

2. No harmful gasses or breakage.

3. Safe to use with no buzzing sound.

4. Approximately 5-10% brighter than traditional glass neon signage.

5.Neon tubes have a long life time span & are energy efficient.

6. Neon lights comes in a wide variety of colors for lighting up your interior space.


Do you ship outside the US?

 Yes! We can ship all over the world.

Can you use any font or design to create an LED Neon Sign? 

Yes, you can do both. Fill out an inquiry form and specify the fonts and/or colors that you would like to use in your sign and we’ll provide a quote for you. 

Can you recreate my logo?

In most cases, yes, absolutely. We can replicate most logos and designs with New Signs Lights. Fill out an inquiry form and one of our design consultants will contact you to discuss how best to bring your logo to life in Neon Signs Lights.

 How much does a custom sign cost? 

Our custom made neon signs are very affordable. Sign cost varies depending on sign size and design complexity. Use the custom product page to get a price, or email our team at

What are the Neon signs made of?

Our LED Neon is made from proprietary PVC molding technology, most signs deliver with high quality acrylic as backing, we can also provide the neon sign without backing for professional clients. 

 Our neon signs produce relatively no heat, unbreakable, energy-efficient, and least expensive compared to traditional glass tube neon.They are much stronger than traditional neon signs.

Can you use LED Neon Sign outdoor? 

Yes, we can produce waterproof versions for outdoors events and outdoor permanent installation. Please specify your application when you submit your custom order inquiry or choose it direct on our custom sign product page.

How do you power the neon signs? 

All of our signs connect directly into a standard power socket (with plug for each shipping country) and it comes with a 12V transformer.

How long do the LED neon signs last? 

The lifetime of LED light lasts minimum of 30,000 hours. That is equivalent to 10 years if you turn on neon sign for 10 hours per day. This is about 3 times longer lifespan than traditional gas neon signs. Normally if there is a problem it’s usually the transformer that fails, however these are replaceable items and we can supply replacements if necessary if outside of the warranty period. 

 Does it require any maintenance? 

Not at all. LED is environmentally friendly and maintenance free.

Will my neon sign require any specialist installation? 

The majority of neon signs that we supply are for internal use, and come mounted on an acrylic panel (making them easily portable), complete with a normal mains plug, which can be plugged into an accessible plug socket. The sign simply needs to be fixed onto the wall, or suspended from chain that we can supply as optional accessory. Neon signs for permanent external use, and some large internal neon signs, will require specialist installation.

What does the warranty cover? 

We offer a 12 month guarantee on materials and workmanship on all of our neon signs. However, this does not extend to any damage that may occur as a result of incorrect installation or physical damage during usage.

I've got another question!

If you have a question we didn't cover here, please don't hesitate to reach us at You can also reach us on our contact us page.

Customer Reviews

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Hunter Parker
Great stuff

Timing was amazing if you know what you're getting in to. Solid product, solid price. Buy it. You know you want to.

I would ONLY order from them

I ordered a custom design 14 days before a significant tradeshow and received it on time as promised. Customer Service, attitude, and care is truly amazing.
Very professional and the quality is amazing.
It's an honest review because the facts are true

Perfect birthday gift

I bought this for my daughter’s birthday. It is just perfect with her new room! Efficient and timely shipping, and packaged with great care! I will definitely order from them again!

Mike Suchecki

Very nice! Thank you!

Gamers background

Love the quality, how the product was shipped, and the super friendly and responsive customer service.
Thanks so much!
My son loved this B day gift. His gamer tag in the background for streaming. 👍


The sign is awesome. I have no complaints. The team is very responsive with emails and any questions. When customizing the sign it was accurate. Easy to hang up.

Brittany ridgeway
Exactly what I was looking for

Ordered this for my Daughters 1st Birthday party. It was exactly what I had in mind.

Mark Mooney
Well Worth The Money

My first time using Neon Signs Lights and I’m very satisfied. We built a little patio bar in the corner of our back yard. Of course, we had to name it the Corner Cabana! What a great touch the signs make!!! Love it!

Alice Spring
Beautiful gift for my grandsons!

I ordered a custom sign as a Christmas gift for my two grandsons, ages 14 and 12.. I was late to think about this as a gift so it arrived 4 days after Christmas. This was really fast service for a custom sign! I credit Mo who was my go-to person for my order. Mo was great and answered all my frequent questions about the status of my order with great patience. In fact Fed-X delivered it a day early. My grandsons were delighted with the sign - insisting that their dad hang it immediately.
I highly recommend NeonSignsLights! Quality product, great service, very helpful contact to answer all your questions. Great service all around. BTW - the sign says "brothers".

Carey Higgins
So Happy!!!!

Ordered pretty last minute for a Christmas gift and they made it happen. Was a pleasure working with this amazing company 😊